Planning an oak framed building? Bespoke oak framed homes and outbuildings manufactured by OAQ based in North Wales, UK

Embarking on your own oak framed building project is both exciting, and slightly terrifying! So it helps to have an old hand on your side.

If you're going it alone, we can help you design your building and will guide you through the entire process. Or we can co-ordinate with your project manager or architect to provide a seamless service and build given our experience building bespoke oak framed homes. Either way, we'll start by arranging a convenient time to visit you to talk through your ideas and tell you all about our materials, expertise, methods, facilities and track record. There's no obligation, but it will help you get to know us and feel confident that we're the right people for your oak framed building project. Call OAQ today on 01745 584237 to discuss bespoke oak framed homes with a member of our team.