Our Services

We don't want to go into endless detail about our services, because it depends on what you need. Suffice it to say that we're flexible. We can simply craft a frame to your specifications; we can work with you on every detail from plans to construction, or anywhere in between. To whatever extent you work with us, you'll find we're approachable, amenable and endlessly professional. We'll share your vision, uphold our values and work to your timescales.

An oak framed building should be a joy to live in. And when you work with likeminded people, it should be a joy to create too.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • One-to-one no-obligation consultation before you commit
  • Bespoke oak frame design and planning
  • Advice on plots
  • Advice on home building regulations and planning applications
  • Sourcing and milling of the highest quality oak
  • Handcrafted frames using traditional techniques
  • Painstaking construction

To find out more about tailoring your unique project, please get in touch.
Call 01745 584237 or email enq@oaq-wales.co.uk